The Light-Communities and the Light-Nuclei have been created with the purpose of expressing a fraternal life. They represent the seed of a new humanity, guided by principles and values that encourage giving of self to God. 

In these communities, each member has the opportunity to deepen into the search for their own Divine Essence and live totally self-given. The practice of good, surrender of self and love forge relationships and new patterns of behavior, also guiding the performance of daily tasks. Prayer, study, music, retreat and selfless service to the neighbor, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature, fill daily community life.

The Light-Communities represent a unique opportunity to live a group consecrated life, in glory and union with the One Father. It is an invitation to the integration and evolution of all those who approach these places and especially those who seek Light within and the contact with the Most High.

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Light-Community of Figueira - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Light-Community of the New Earth - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora - Paysandu, Uruguay

Light-Community of the Brotherhood - Córdoba, Argentina

Light-Community of Fleur-de-Lys - Fatima, Portugal

Light-Community Flor do Sagrado Tepui of Roraima - Roraima, Brazil


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Light-Nucleus of Figueira in São Paulo, Brazil

Light-Nucleus of Figueira in São Carlos, Brazil

Light-Nucleus of Figueira in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Light-Nucleus of Figueira in Brasilia, Brazil