Symbols of Consecration


The Cross of New Humanity

The habit exists to remind us of the vows that we have assumed with God, and to allow the world, all those who see us, to know about the choice we have made of consecrating our lives. The tunic, the cord, the scapular, the veil and the sari are the symbol of a life ruled by the monastic vows assumed.

The emblem of the Grace Mercy Order embroidered on the habit of the aspirants and represented in the pin is the flame and the dove of the Holy Spirit. This symbol represents the purpose that the members of the Order have of letting themselves be guided by divine inspiration. It symbolizes the ardent aspiration of the consecrated being that their soul may fly towards the fire of Divine Love until it merges with it.

The Cross of the New Humanity embroidered on the monastic scapular: a cross with four equal arms, which represents the perfect balance of humankind with the Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human). The right arm of this cross represents the Mineral Kingdom; the left arm, the Plant Kingdom; the upper arm, the Animal Kingdom, and the lower arm represents the Human Kingdom. 

The sari that the Daughters of Christic Charity wear symbolizes the universality of service to the planet and humanity, manifesting unity between east and west.